Constructive Jealousy - Winning Your Ex's Attention Back

Want your boyfriend back fast? Jealousy can be used as an effective tool, and it can really accelerate the process of getting back together. It can also be employed as a wake-up call, in the case where you're having trouble getting your ex to notice you again. Best of all, jealousy almost always works.

Jealous Exboyfriend

At the same time, you need to understand that jealousy is very powerful. You need to be careful with how and when you use it.

Making your ex boyfriend a little jealous at just the right time can really turn him around. But use too much of it, or lay it on too thick, and you could inadvertantly cause yourself some very big problems.

If your ex suspects that your actions are geared entirely toward making him feel jealous? He's going to totally discount them. He'll know you're just trying to win him back, and he's consider your attempts pretty desperate to boot.

Also, making your ex too jealous can actually push him away. He might feel slighted or betrayed by you, and he may go out and do something to get back at you. This type of tit-for-tat vindictive behavior always hurts the process of getting back together.

Therefore, the two biggest rules to remember when it comes to making your ex boyfriend jealous are as follows:

 Never create jealousy that becomes overly obvious
 Never work jealousy to the point where it becomes counterproductive

If you can steer clear of those two big mistakes, you can easily gain some ground. Try to learn the best methods for using jealousy to your advantage.

Making Your Exboyfriend Jealous - Why Does It Work?

Sure your boyfriend may have dumped you, but there are still things about you he holds dear to his heart. He has memories of things you did together, and emotional attachments that he's tried to suppress.

Jealousy digs those old feelings up, and unwantingly throws them back in your ex's lap. When your exboyfriend sees you out doing something that would make him jealous, it forces him to deal with all those unresolved feelings he still might have for you. It also starkly reminds him of a time when he was the one responsible for making you happy. Your ex will start to remember what it was like to be with you, hold you, kiss you, and everything else.

Seeing you out and having a great time, looking good, or maybe even hugging up on some other guy? It triggers those protective instincts your ex had over your old relationship. It doesn't matter how long ago you dated, your exboyfriend still feels as if - on some levels - a part of you belongs to him.

Winning Your Ex Back By Getting Over The Break Up

One of the biggest blows to any guy's ego comes when you, his now ex-girlfriend, just don't care. The more distraught and upset you act after he breaks up with you, the more certain he is of his decision. But the moment you start acting like you've got better things to do? That's the moment your ex turns around and wants to know why.

Walking away from your break up without being upset might seem an impossibility - after all, you love your boyfriend and want him back. Still, acting as if the relationship really doesn't mean as much to you can put you miles ahead in the direction you need to go. The more nonchalant and unconcerned you are after he dumps you? The more jealous your ex boyfriend will be of your newly-single life.

Recreating The Girl Your Exboyfriend Fell In Love With

Hey, remember the beginning of your relationship? How different were you back then? Were you more physically fit, did you wear nicer clothes, and were you in better shape?

Emotionally, were you happier? Did you laugh more? Were you more eager to do things and go places? Chances are good you appreciated your boyfriend a lot more, and fought a whole lot less. Right?

Get Boyfriend Back

Don't worry if many of these things are true. Most of us undergo radical changes over the course of a long-term relationship. Sometimes we just get complacent... other times, we just plain forget what it was like to respect and love our partners. Thinking back to the origins of your romance can really help put you in a positive frame of mind.

Can you become the person you once were? Absolutely. Best of all, it's not like you're changing yourself to suit anyone else either. When you work on improving your own situation - body and mind - you're actually creating a healthier, happier person. The physical exercise is cathartic, and the changes to your attitude will help build success in everything you do, both inside and outside of your social life.

And when your ex finally sees you again? He's going to be blown away. Imagine looking and feeling better than you have in weeks, months, or even years. Now imagine the look on your ex boyfriend's face when he runs into you again, looking and acting exactly like you did when you first got together. The jealousy of knowing he's not with you anymore will be pretty overwhelming.

Getting Out And Having A Great Time... Without Him

Depending upon how close you were to your boyfriend, you may have to re-learn life without him. Something as simple as going out with friends and having a blast for the first time since breaking up can totally revitalize you, especially if you've been sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself.

Moreover, getting out and doing stuff is a great way of letting your ex know that you're not sitting around waiting for that phone to ring. And the more you enjoy yourself? The greater the chances of your ex boyfriend getting wind of it.

As he realizes that your life goes on without him, he's going to start getting jealous of these simple activities. As your ex boyfriend, he'd much rather see you wallowing at home in misery then out having a good time despite the fact that he dumped you.

Dating Someone Else To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

Should you start dating again even if you want your ex back? It's a big question. Like some women, you might believe that your exboyfriend won't want you back once he hears you've been going out with someone else.

Dating Someone Else To Make Ex Jealous

But hey, guess what? That assumption couldn't be further from the truth. Seeing you with another man will make your boyfriend more jealous than anything else you could possibly do, but it doesn't mean he'll no longer want you. In fact, watching some other guy with his arm wrapped around you might just make your ex boyfriend realize something else: that he wants you very badly.

It's simple human nature - we all want the things we just can't have. Your boyfriend may have ignored you since the break up, mostly because he knew he could have you any time he wanted. But the second you became unavailable again? Your ex suddenly realized you were no longer an option, and this made you very interesting.

This forces your ex to ask himself a very hard question: is he really willing to lose you? Because if not, he has to take immediate action to keep you around. The simple act of moving on without him has jarred your exboyfriend into reconsidering the break up, especially if he's still single and all alone.

Dating Again After The Break Up - Doing It For Yourself

Making your exboyfriend jealous shouldn't be your only motivation when it comes to dating someone new. You should be going out with this person because you like them, enjoy their company, and are looking for something cool to do. The fact that your ex gets jealous over your budding new romance should be nothing more than a convenient by-product of your newfound single life.

Jumping right back into the dating pool is a great way to meet new people, and to get yourself back on the horse. You'll feel better about yourself, and your confidence will jump to new levels. All of these things are very attractive traits, and they'll help in winning your ex's attention back.

Also, don't dismiss the chance that this new guy might even connect with you. If the two of you hit it off? This might cause you to forget all about your ex boyfriend. When it comes to love, much stranger things have happened.

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