It seems like the hardest part of getting back together: making him want you again.

You've tried telling him how much you love him. You've tried showing him how much he means to you. Hell, maybe you even tried a more sexual solution to the problem, hoping that getting physically close to him again would reawaken old feelings and rekindle the romance.

Make Exboyfriend Want You Back

Truth is, all of those things are bad ideas to start with.

Getting an exboyfriend interested in you again is actually one of the LAST steps you should be taking on the path to reconcilation. Sounds odd, right? As if the whole process is backward?

In reality, it kind of is. And that's because human nature works much differently than we think it does. Very often, the more we THINK we want something, the less we actually will desire it - especially once it's acquired. But the stuff we can't have? Well, that's the stuff we desire most of all.

We All Want The One Thing We Can't Have

Think about that for a second. It's one of the oldest sayings in the book, but it's also one of the most accurate. Of all the things you ever wanted in life, the sweetest were the ones that were hardest to get. The longshots. The big accomplishments.

The ones that almost got away.

To win back the attention of a boyfriend who broke up with you, you've got to be a lot like that. You need to be desirable. You need to be worthy of his attention. Most of all, you need to be SCARCE. Like a rare flower, like something uncommon that he HAS to have. Something he suddenly realizes he didn't want to lose in the first place.

Most of us take relationships for granted while we have them. Only when they're gone do we truly start to miss and appreciate what we had. And you know what? The same holds true for your ex boyfriend. Even though he might be the one who ended the relationship, he's also going through the same types of loss and withdrawal that you are.

So How Can I Make Him Want Me Back?

Now that you understand how losing a relationship can affect both parties, it's time to put things into perspective. Getting back with your boyfriend will take time, sure, but more important than that it will take timing. Move too quickly and you'll push him away. Wait too long and, well, he could already have moved on.

What's critical is that you operate in the exact window of opportunity during which your ex boyfriend is most vulnerable to wanting you back. There are signs and signals that he's missing you. Learn what these are, and you'll know exactly when to act... and when to hang back.

Desire is all about timing. In the beginning you'll need to give him room enough to miss you, and this is the hardest part of the getting an ex back process. Breaking all contact - yes, even those text-messages - is a critical and absolutely required part of creating desire again. You want him to wonder where you are, where you went, what you're doing.

Knowing The Exact Time to Reconnect With Your Ex

Lots of people ask the same question: how do I know when to stop the no-contact phase of the breakup? The answer isn't always the same for every scenario.

Remember the beginning of your relationship, when your boyfriend couldn't get enough of you? When everything was awesome and the sex was amazing and there wasn't a single minute the two of you didn't want to be together?

That was the honeymoon phase of your relationship. And no, it's not gone forever: those feelings are the exact thing you're looking to insire right now. Ideally, you'll want to stir up old emotions. You'll want to plant the very best memories of the two of you as a couple inside his head, but without him knowing those ideas came from you.

The sneaky part is you can do this subtly. There are subliminal reinsertion techniques you can employ that will get your boyfriend thinking about you again. Emotional hot-buttons that, once pressed, will force your ex into a state of nostalgia, making him see the relationship as it was in the beginning.

Knowing how to press these buttons is crucial, but you'll also need to know not to press them too hard. The last thing you want to do is look pushy, needy, or desperate. Those traits will drive your man away so fast it'll make your heart hurt. And they'll also damage or even destroy whatever chance you might've had of getting him back.

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