Making Your Ex Miss You - The Key To Winning Him Back

Ever gotten back together with an ex because you missed them? That's exactly what's going to bring your boyfriend back. So until he needs and wants you in his life again, you'll never get that phone call.

Ex Boyfriend Misses You

The fastest ways back into your ex boyfriend's heart involve tugging on his own memories. Chances are good the two of you shared some great times together. There were places you went, things you did, and experiences that were nothing short of awesome.

The more magical moments in your relationship are memories that you probably cherish, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret here:
so does your exboyfriend.

That being said, getting your ex to want you again isn't as simple as reminding him of these things. Right now you're not on the list of people he wants to see. Your boyfriend broke up with you, and he's going to feel strange and awkward around you for quite a while. Now is not the time to show up on his doorstep and try to win him back, especially with photo albums of your vacations together.

Your Boyfriend Can't Miss You Until You Go Away

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is also perpetuated by every girl's biggest fear: that after the break up, your ex will soon forget about you. In the rush to move on, your boyfriend will push all memories of you aside to make room for any new girls in his life.

This isn't necessarily true. Unless your ex boyfriend already had his eye on someone else, odds are much greater that he's going to take some time off from dating anyone new. In the days and weeks following the break up, he might spend some time to himself. He might hang with friends, and explore what it's like to be single. Dating a new girlfriend is probably the furthest thing from his mind.

Still, most women worried about losing a boyfriend will instantly want to be around them again. They'll reason that by staying in plain sight, they'll remain on their ex's mind. After all, the more you're around your exboyfriend, the more he'll think about you. Makes sense, right?

Actually, you couldn't be more wrong.

The more you place yourself in your ex boyfriend's line of vision, the more invisible you become. Think about that for a minute. Look around your room right now and start counting up all the items and objects you have laying around. You see these things every day, but you never even think about them. Why? Because they're always there. You become so blind to seeing these things, you gloss right over them.

Sticking close to your ex boyfriend after the break up is a lot like that. Do you call him? Text message him? So you see your ex boyfriend by making sure you cross paths with him from time to time? The more you do this, the more you're sabotaging your chances of getting him back. The more contact your boyfriend has with you - especially right after he ends things - the less likely he'll ever be to see you in a romantic/girlfriend type capacity again.

Things You Should NOT Be Doing After The Break Up

 Calling your ex boyfriend and trying to keep in touch with him
 Text-messaging or emailing your ex... even just to 'say hello'
 Responding to any initial contact made by your ex boyfriend
 Acting forlorn, depressed, sad, crushed, or upset by the breakup
 Stalking your ex boyfriend's job or home to check up on him
 Asking your friends to check in on what your ex has been up to

The above actions will all delay your reconciliation. For each of these you're guilty of, you're prolonging the break up. And if you do this long enough? You run the risk of driving your boyfriend away for good.

Things You Should Be Doing After The Break Up

 Ignore any calls or messages received from your ex boyfriend
 Steer clear of social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace
 Get outside - do something - see friends - go out with family
 Focus on yourself; pick up an old hobby or do something you love
 Join a gym, take up jogging, work out / exercise to get in shape
 Re-learn how to have a great time without your exboyfriend

There are also some additional steps you can take that will flip your ex boyfriend's attention back in your direction. Adding these to your repertoire can help accelerate the process of getting him interested all over again.

By turning your attention inwardly on yourself and not focusing on the breakup, you create a more positive atmosphere and can adjust to being single again. Although your ultimate goal is to win him back, right now your short-term goal is to get over your ex as fast as possible. Let go of your old relationship. To start dating your exboyfriend again, you'll need to build a whole new romance from scratch.

Making Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Of Your New Single Life

If you can accomplish even half of the above mentioned list, you're going to automatically make your boyfriend jealous. Even though he dumped you, your man doesn't want to see you happy, successful, and out there partying with friends. The more unphased you seem by the break up, the more doubt will creep into his head. He'll wonder how you could get over the break up so fast, and begin to question how much you needed him in the first place.

This type of mindset will make your exboyfriend miss you. As he sees that you're happy without him, he'll start wanting to be that person who makes you happy again.

It's a secret most women don't realize, but here it is: most guys thrive on keeping their girlfriends happy. A happy girlfriend means a stress-free relationship - one with a lot less drama and a lot more fun. For this reason, guys will seek out a happy girl over any other type of personality trait, bar none.

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

By going out and doing stuff without him, your ex will begin thinking about the times you shared together. He'll start recalling all the places you went and things you did while you were still with him. When he gets wind that you're enjoying being single again, he'll focus on what it was like to have you. And that's when the next golden rule comes into place, one that's true of every single man on the planet:

More than anything else, a guy will always want the one thing he can't have.

You need to become this one thing. Once you do, your boyfriend will begin chasing you immediately. The harder you run, the faster he'll chase you. And since he already had you before, he's going to believe in his heart that he can have you again.

Intensifying Your Ex Boyfriend's Desire To Have You Again

Grabbing your ex's attention is a lot easier when you become something he once again desires. By removing yourself from every aspect of his life, you suddenly turn into a big mystery. Once again he doesn't know where you are or what you're doing, and this is foreign to him because for the entire time you were dating he always knew what you were up to. That's why disappearing from sight and refusing contact with your ex boyfriend always works - his natural curiosity makes him need to know what happened to you, and your desire to be with him.

Some of the best techniques for regaining your boyfriend's attention involve adding some subtle tricks that will spark his interest. There are things you can do that will turn your ex's focus back on you in even the toughest and most hopeless situation.

Those techniques can be found here. You need to be careful however, not to overdo them. If your boyfriend thinks you're trying to make him jealous, he'll instantly realize that you're working toward winning him back.

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