The post-breakup phone call... waiting for it can be awful!

While every breakup hurts your heart, there's nothing as devastating as getting dumped cold, waiting for any sort of contact, and then NOT hearing anything from your ex boyfriend as the days and weeks go by.

How Long Before Calling Ex

So what do you do when your ex hasn't called or texted?

Should YOU be the one to initiate contact?

Should YOU be the one who calls your ex first?

The answer is NO! Not initially, anyway. Because while there are certain times it's okay to call your ex boyfriend, there are also a ton more times when it's only going to push him away.

Reversing a breakup requires a certain amount of finesse. It's not a race. You can't get there faster by sprinting as fast as you can, because the quicker you go, the further the finish line actually gets from you.

No, to get back an ex boyfriend who dumped you, you need to do three main things:




It's the third thing that we'll be talking about here. The reconnecting. The re-living the past, and not just the past in which you fought and broke up, but the GOOD past... the one closer to the beginning of your relationship when the two of you were deeply in love, totally in lust, and everything was puppy dogs and ice cream.

How to Make Your Ex See You as a Girlfriend Again

If your ex hasn't contacted you by now, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Some guys will stay in your life just to mess with you. Others, just for sex. These will be the "let's be friends" type of break-ups, where your ex wants you to go away... but not TOO far away, in case he needs you. This is due in part to his own insecurities, by make no mistake, just because he asks to be friends doesn't mean he's considering getting back together again (yet).

To get him serious about dating you again, there's a list of things you cannot do. You CAN'T beg. You CAN'T plead. Most of all, you CANNOT CRY. Crying is the absolute worst; the last thing in the world you want is for your boyfriend to see you so weak, so devastated without you, that you can't even function. These things are wholly UNATTRACTIVE. They'll never lead to any significant advancements in rekindling a past relationship.

In short pity might get you temporary attention, but PITY NEVER WORKS.

When it's Okay to Call Your Ex

Okay, let's say you've followed the 7 steps to making him want you again. You've done your homework, you've put in the time. You're ready to make contact with him again, if he hasn't already contacted you.

In this case, it's okay to make some sort of contact with your ex boyfriend. NEVER do this through a text message! Not only are texts impersonal and lame, but they can easily be ignored. When you text your ex out of the clear blue sky, you may as well hold up a white flag that says 'I give up, you win, I suck' (seriously).

What to Say When Make the Phone Call

• First, before you make the call understand that the phone call should be short. You want to remind your ex that you're still around, but not push yourself on him. Too strong too fast is always a no-no, so have a plan of action before you dial his number and be prepared to get off the phone quickly.

• Second, you'll need a reason for calling. Did he get something cool (a new car, a promotion, etc...?) If so, you can call to congratulate him. Did you run into someone you both know? If so you could call to mention that. Move quickly away from the reason you called, if you even go into it at all, and ask how he's been doing, what he's been up to. Don't delve. Don't pry. Don't ask for details or it'll seem more like an interrogation and less like a friendly "what's up?" phone call, which is exactly what it is.

• Third, you should have an exit strategy. Have your brother or sister call you away for dinner. Have one of your friends dial in, and then TAKE THEIR PHONE CALL. Yes, that's right; you just proved that your ex isn't the most important person in your life anymore. Your life has gone ON, and other things and other people are forcing you away.

Don't even say who's calling you, just say "Hey, sorry, I have to take this call. It was cool talking to you. Give me a shout soon, okay?"

This leaves your ex wanting more. You called, you got into his head, and you left ON YOUR OWN TERMS. Since you were the one who ended the conversation, you didn't seem the least bit desperate to talk to him. And didn't you just tell him to call you (without really TELLING him to call you)? Yup. And that's another subtle plant right there.

If for some reason you're having trouble reconnecting, there are other ways of putting yourself back in your ex's life. In fact, there are several.

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