The Best First Move You Can Make To Get Him Back

Losing a relationship when you thought it was going well can put your whole world in a tailspin. If you've been trying to get back together with your boyfriend, but nothing seems to be working so far, you may be missing out on the one big piece of the puzzle. Learn how to make your ex want you back fast, with only one simple move.

Best Ex Back Moves

When your boyfriend pulled you aside and broke up with you, it was one of the hardest things in the world. Losing someone you're in love with is very emotional, and just thinking about never seeing your ex again can drive you straight to tears.

Even worse, the pain of being rejected can also cause all sorts of issues with confidence, self-esteem, drive and ambition. For these reasons and more, recovering from a break up can be a very tough thing for anyone.

Some women however, will refuse to immediately give up on the relationship. If getting your boyfriend back is your ultimate goal, you'll need to know what works and what doesn't work.

Men are simple, but they're not always easy to read. So when it comes to winning your ex over? Gathering all the information and help you can will always boost your chances of a successful reunion.

There's one big thing to remember about getting your ex back, and most people overlook it. Wallowing in the misery of your own rejection, you may have tried various ways of getting your boyfriend's attention again. Writing him notes, sending him cards, text-messaging him, emails... these things are words, and nothing more.

Even though you mean what you say, and your heartfelt intentions are good, your ex doesn't want to see any of that stuff right now. The more of it you send, the further you're going to chase him away. . . which is why you need to concentrate on the single biggest move you can make: giving him a dose of his own rejection.

Counter-Rejecting Your Boyfriend - Why it Works

The first thing you need to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you is agree to it. If you can do this one simple thing, you're going to throw him for a huge loop. By letting him know that you yourself are also unhappy with the relationship, you're making him feel the same type of rejection you're experiencing right now. You're also making him worried, because this is something he didn't see coming.

Rejecting him will be tough, because you'll want to do exactly the opposite: concentrate on getting your boyfriend back. Chasing him however, is your worst move. Creating a scenario in which your exboyfriend starts wondering why you're unhappy and what he's done wrong might be the one thing that saves your relationship. Why? Because rejection is the one big emotion that makes people want their ex's back. When someone rejects you, you can no longer have them... and we all want the things we cannot have most of all.

But what if you're already broken up? Can you still reject your boyfriend if the relationship is already over? The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Because he still believes that you need him, your ex has been keeping his distance from you. Once you can show that you not only accept the breakup but also embrace it? You'll be taking giant steps toward getting your ex back, simply because he'll want to know what in your life has changed.

Tell your boyfriend that he's right. You understand what he's saying. Things have been bad for a while, and you've felt it too. Wish him luck, and walk away. These things will all be extremely hard for you to do, because you love and miss him so much. But if you're strong enough to pull them off? You're going to make your ex boyfriend love and miss you as much (or even more) as you miss him right now.

Nobody ever got back together with an ex until they actually wanted them back. Instead of blindly trying to get your boyfriend back, you need to concentrate on making this condition occur. Once it does? The rest of your reconciliation will fall quickly into place.

Other Moves To Make After Your Boyfriend Dumps You

Getting dumped is one of the hardest things to recover from, mostly because you're not thinking straight. This leads to you not acting straight, and that's a very dangerous thing if you ever want to date your ex again.

What you need more than anything else right now is a Step by Step Plan.

You need to know what to say, you need to know when to say it, and you also need to know how to approach your ex boyfriend in a way that gives YOU the upper hand.

Check out this Free Opening Moves Video to learn exactly how to handle your breakup. The sooner you get started on reversing your ex's opinion of you, the faster he'll realize how much he needs you back.

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