The 10 GOLDEN Rules of Winning Him Back

Girls get dumped every day, and many of them will try to win back their ex boyfriends. In doing so, some will succeed. Others will make big mistakes, and eventually blow their chances of reversing the breakup.

Winning Him Back

When the guy you're dating ends your relationship, it's very easy to drown yourself in bad emotions.

Very quickly you'll feel everything slip away all at once, and in the scramble to keep or save it, you might do some things you'll ultimately regret.

Understand first that this is a common reaction, and that you're not alone.

Knowing exactly what to do in order to win back an ex boyfriend is tough, and varies from breakup to breakup. But no matter what your current situation, the following ten rules are always going to help you in your quest to get back together again.

1) Walk Away Cleanly

As soon as the break up happens, you need to turn and walk away. By leaving the relationship cleanly, and with your dignity intact, you'll earn your boyfriend's respect. You'll also avoid the bigger blunders most women make: crying, pleading, and working to change his mind. This isn't going to happen right now, and you should accept it. Your first move is therefore the most important one: accepting, agreeing, and leaving.

In fact, the ultimate first move after the breakup can be found here.

2) Eliminate All Contact With Your Ex Boyfriend

This one's hard for most women, but if you want to get your boyfriend back you need to stay strong with it. Breaking contact with your ex is the only way to make him miss you. No emails, phone calls, text-messages, or anything. You should do your best to put your ex out of your mind, and pretend that he doesn't exist. In the meantime, he's going to wonder why you're not chasing him... even a little bit. This will worry your ex, and that's exactly what you want at this point in the break up process.

3) Get Out of the House

Nothing hurts more than a bad breakup... except one in which you lock your door and start feeling sorry for yourself. Get up, get out, and get moving. Call some friends, and let them take you somewhere that will keep your mind off your exboyfriend. When your friends aren't around, grab some family members and do the same. Being alone is the absolute worst thing you can do right now, but if you must be by yourself, make sure you go out and do something you love. Pick up an old hobby, hit the gym (nothing beats sweating your stress right out of your system), or do whatever you need to in order to stay active.

4) Have a Great Time Without Him

Want to make your ex boyfriend jealous? Get on with your life in a BIG way. By moving on and having a blast without your ex involved, you're showing him that not only are you over the breakup, but that he's not the one responsible for your own happiness. This actually hurts a guy, because most men like to feel they're a big part of their girlfriend's lives. Show him that you've got a really cool life without him, and he's going to hear about it.

5) Develop a Positive, Confident Attitude

Know why your ex dated you? Probably because you were cute, fun, funny, and outgoing. However your met, or wherever you ran into each other, chances are good you both put on your most happy, positive gamefaces during the initial stages of dating. Guys are attracted to the same traits women are: confidence, security, happiness, and fun. Be all of that, and you're going to attract all kinds of men - including your ex boyfriend.

6) Start Dating Again

Think that dating other guys will make your exboyfriend not want you anymore? Think again. It's a proven fact: your ex will be most interested in your post-breakup life when you first start going out with someone else. Moving on without him is a kick to his male ego, and it also makes him fully face the concept of losing you. Up until now your ex might've thought he could still get you back, but seeing you dating another guy is going to jar him back to reality. He has to instantly make a decision: possibly lose you, or try to get you back.

7) Work on Yourself

It goes without saying that part of any attraction is physical, so the better you can make yourself look the easier it will be to get your boyfriend back. This means buying new clothes, going back to the gym, taking up running, doing aerobics, or whatever you need to shape up. If you can get slim, tan, and looking good, you're going to make him look twice the next time your ex sees you. And as you feel better about yourself? It'll reflect in everything you do. Your whole attitude will change for the better, and this will make you even more attractive to your ex than the physical attributes you've been working on.

8) Blow Him Off When He Tries To Be Friends

It's one of the more common moves a guy will make when he's still interested in you - trying to remain friends after the break up. The sooner you understand this concept the better off you'll be: you can't be friends with your ex boyfriend.

Nothing good will ever come out of it, and it'll only keep him comfortably enmeshed in seeing other people while he has you right at the other end of his fingertips. By refusing his offer of friendship and blowing him off? You're actually making yourself a lot more attractive to him. The path to getting back with your exboyfriend does NOT pass through friendship. Make your ex choose between dating you or losing you... but don't accept anything less than the full-blown romance you really want with him.

9) Don't Jump Through Hoops When He Calls

Eventually, your ex boyfriend will finally call you. After following all of the steps above, he's going to be more curious than ever as to what you've been up to. When this does happen... let it go to voicemail. Let your ex leave a message, and revel in the knowledge that he's wondering where you are. Call him back a day later, and ask him what's up. Keep it casual and cool, and don't sound overanxious to hear from him. By not seeming desperate or needy when your ex does contact you, you're putting yourself in a stronger position. Winning him back becomes easier when he doesn't think you're dying to date him again.

10) Reconnect Slowly

Once you do finally re-establish a connection with your ex, take things extra slowly. You've got him at this point, but there's no reason to rush back into the way things were. By making your ex work a little bit to get back together with you, you're establishing the fact that he wants you. This is going to help cement a future relationship, because when your boyfriend feels like getting back together was his own idea, he's more apt to put additional effort into the romance.

Other Things You Can Do To Win Him Back

Getting back together with an ex boyfriend should be approached as a step-by-step process. And your first step? Learning which basic reversal techniques can quickly help make your boyfriend WANT you back again.

Remember: he won't want you back until he needs you. Making him need you - as a part of his life, and as a girlfriend again - should always be your primary goal.

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