Cheating! It's ugly, it's hurtful... it sucks.

Unfortunately, it's also one of the hardest things to get past in a relationship. Because once you've cheated on your boyfriend? Even if you stayed together, it would be difficult if not impossible for him to ever trust you again. Right?

Well... maybe not.

Cheated on Your-Boyfriend

As much as cheating absolutely sucks, it also doesn't have to be the end of your relationship. Sometimes people cheat. It HAPPENS, even in the strongest relationships.

Now that doesn't excuse your cheating. In fact, just the opposite. If you were unfaithful to your boyfriend, you deserve a certain measure of regret, pain, and even suffering - just like he's going through right now. And if he broke up with you for it? Well, the path that leads to getting him back will be a long and sometimes difficult one.

That said, it's not impossible.

Like I said, getting your boyfriend to want you back after you've cheated is a multi-stage process. There are actually 7 individual early steps you need to take before you even meet up with him again, so the very first thing you should do is learn what these are.

Getting Your Boyfriend To Forgive You

Cheating HURTS. It's going to take time before your ex boyfriend will forgive you for what you did. During that time, he's going to miss you... lots. But also during that time, you'll want to give him a lot of SPACE.

Now I know that sounds foolish. "If I give him space, won't he move on?" Actually, giving him the space he needs to miss is is what will KEEP him from moving on. Because right now you have one very important thing going in your favor: he never wanted the breakup to begin with.

That's right: your break up was forced. The relationship didn't end because you stopped loving each other or drifted apart or anything like that... it ended only because you cheated on him. In doing so, you hurt his pride. And it was his PRIDE that made him let go of you... even if he didn't truly want to.

Forgiveness is the path to redemption when it comes to repairing a relationship damaged by infidelity. Stop trying to get him to "trust you" again, and stop telling him stuff like "the sex didn't mean anything" (that step actually comes later). Right now your exboyfriend doesn't want to hear any of that, because believe me, it meant something to him.

Making Your Ex Miss You After the Breakup

Yes, you love him. Yes, you miss him. You want to tell him those things, and you want to tell him how sorry you are.

Most of all, you want to tell him that he's the most important person in the whole world to you, and that what happened will NEVER, EVER happen again. Right?

Well guess what? Those things will actually push your ex away. Rather than draw him closer, you're actually creating distance between you because you're reminding him over and over again about your infidelity.

To make your ex miss you... first you have to go away. Make sense? If not, think about it: what do you miss more, someone who's been gone for a while or someone who calls or text-messages you ever few hours to tell you how much they love and need you?

Your boyfriend already knows you love and need him. Yes, even after you've cheated. However, he hasn't had the chance to miss you yet because you've been doing ALL THE WRONG THINGS to get him back. Each time you make any sort of contact with your ex, you'll want to know exactly what to do and say. Just trying to 'wing it' isn't going to get you the results you want.

After You Cheat on Your Boyfriend - First Steps

Reconnection with an ex doesn't happen overnight. It's going to be a longer process if you want to get back together - and more importantly, stay back together with your ex boyfriend. So accept that fact, and let's move on.

Now, here's what happens immediately after you cheat on your boyfriend:




•A Demand for Details

•Rejection (leading into the breakup)

Those things will happen in that order, too. Your boyfriend will cry, rage, yell, scream, and push you as far away from him as possible when he first finds out you've cheated. And you know what your first move is?


Yes, your very first move is to give him everything he needs to get those initial reactions - pain, denial, and anger - out of his system. He is entitled to them, and if you were to take them away by trying to convince him "it's all okay", he's going to do nothing but resent you for it.

The harder you fight against the initial stages of the break up, the further away he's going to shove you. The goal here is to give him the least amount of resistance through these techniques.

There are easy ways to minimize the damage you've done to the relationship, and make sure he pushes you the least possible distance away. That way, when you work toward getting him back, the path will be much shorter and easier.

What to Do if he's Still Not Responding

If your boyfriend isn't responding even after you've followed the first seven steps to forgiveness, there's still hope. In this case, you'll need to take a slightly more radical approach to luring him back.

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