Winning Your Boyfriend Back If He's Unresponsive

Struggling through a break up is never easy. On your quest to get back together with your ex boyfriend, you've probably made some mistakes along the way. But what should you do when you hit a dead end? What if your ex boyfriend is unresponsive, and you've had little to no contact with him since the breakup?

Boyfriend Not Responding

Getting an ex boyfriend back is a multi-faced process. There are many different aspects that need to be considered, and to win back your boyfriend's heart you'll need to hit on all of them. For example, you'll need to make him miss you. Before he takes you back, there must be a need in his life for you again. You can't just keep calling and texting and trying to pound your message through... winning your boyfriend back often requires a more subtle, indirect approach.

At the same time, it's difficult not to make big mistakes while walking the path to reconciliation. Did you chase your ex too far, and for too long? Chances are good you might've scared him away, and you might even think it's for good. Luckily however, in any breakup situation, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel... if you know where to look for it.

Recovering Your Ex's Buried Feelings For You

The good news about losing your boyfriend is this: his feelings for you are probably still intact. Especially in the case where your breakup was sharp and quick, the emotions and feelings your ex felt over the course of the relationship are still there. So if he loves you, how did he break up with you?

Mostly, by choosing to bury those feelings. In an attempt to move forward without you, your ex boyfriend shoved those emotional bonds aside. Right now, he's trying to ignore them. Because eventually, left unchecked, even he knows those feelings will go away.

To win back your ex's heart, you'll need to play upon those feelings. You'll need to learn the methods and techniques that will bring those emotions back out into the open. Once your exboyfriend is forced to face these buried emotional attachments, he can't ignore them anymore. This is where he'll begin reconsidering your relationship, and the effort it would require to continue it.

Bringing Your Relationship Back to That Magical Time

Think back to when you first went out with your boyfriend. Was it awesome? Magical? Did you both fall crazy in love with each other?

The origins of most relationships are like that - covered in a magical blanket of awesome memories and great times together. Those incredibly powerful feelings were felt on both sides: his and yours. They made the honeymoon phase of your new relationship virtually indestructible.

Now imagine having those feelings again... but moreover, getting your ex boyfriend to have those same feelings. Think that's possible? It is, if you can somehow remind your ex of the amazing times you shared together. As bad as the end of your romance might have been, those more unsavory memories fade quickly with time. The good memories always outshine them, and last much, much longer. Winning your boyfriend back is as easy as drawing out those old emotions.

There are reinsertion techniques you can use to make your ex want you back, based upon your past history together... coupled with the future promise of a relationship that could work.

Even in the most hopeless of situations, you can still win him over. The three things required are time, patience, and a step-by-step plan. You can't approach getting your ex back without knowing exactly what you plan to do, and precisely when you should be doing it. Trying to take action on the fly will always lead to unpredictable, and often negative results.

What To Do If Your Ex Still Isn't Responding To Contact

Sometimes, even contacting your ex won't seem to work. If this is the case, there's no need to panic. You will however, need to start applying immediate reversal techniques geared toward changing his current mindset.

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