Win Back Your Boyfriend - Opening Moves That Work

So he broke up with you... now what? Will you allow your romance to fade into obscurity, or will walk the path that will put your relationship back together again?

Win Ex Boyfriend Back

Believe it or not, how you handle yourself after the break up is even more important than how you acted right before your boyfriend ended things. Knowing what to do (and not do) in this critical situation will determine how easily you can get your man back.

Do the right things, at the right times, and your boyfriend will quickly notice you. You need to come away from the breakup as strong, confident, and even a little bit uncaring. Despite everything you're feeling inside - including how desperately you want your boyfriend back - your first post-breakup goal is rather simple: maintain your boyfriend's respect. Without this, any plan to win him back will always be unsuccessful.

After It Ends: Don't Start Off On The Wrong Foot

When you get dumped, it creates a very fragile situation. Unless you knew the relationship wasn't going well, the break up probably came as a surprise. This is bad, because most women begin making instant mistakes. And while these mistakes can eventually be undone, they will delay the process of getting back together.

At the time your boyfriend broke up with you, reacting correctly was the furthest thing from your mind. You probably tried discussing things or reasoning with him, but because he'd already made up his mind it was like talking to a brick wall. Maybe you cried, or begged, or even pleaded with your boyfriend to give things another shot. In the end however, nothing worked. And when you walked away in tears, something very bad happened: your boyfriend marked you as needy and desperate.

Desperation isn't an easy stigma to overcome. When your boyfriend first started dating you, he was attracted to a number of positive traits. You were confident, cool, funny, and happy to be around him. These things made your boyfriend want you, and want to hang out with you. But now, after the break up? He sees you sad, dejected, and even a little bit pitiful. He doesn't want to put his arm around you because he doesn't know how to handle these negative traits.

So what happens next? Your boyfriend avoids you. He avoids all contact with you, whether be it text-message, phone call, or even your emails. Knowing how badly you want to keep the romance going, your ex doesn't know what to do or say around you. It's awkward for him, and very uncomfortable. These are the reasons why he's not talking to you right now - not because he doesn't still love you.

Handling The Breakup Correctly - The Proper Mindset

Your breakup probably already happened, and that's why you're here reading this. But in order to fully understand how a guy's mind works, let's rewind a bit. Close your eyes, and bring yourself back to the moment your boyfriend broke up with you.

Imagine listening to what your boyfriend had to say, but this time without protest. In fact, picture yourself nodding your head and agreeing with him. You stand up, give him one last hug, and wish him the best of luck. Then, without another word or a single tear... you walk away.

This type of scenario is exactly what's needed to maintain your boyfriend's respect and interest. If you could go back in time and pull this off? Your boyfriend would be totally baffled. He'd be astounded by how easily you allowed the break up to happen, and how nonchalant you seemed about losing the relationship as a whole.

Why isn't she upset about this?

Does she even care?

Was she going to break up with me anyway?

These are the questions that would flood your boyfriend's mind, causing him to immediately scramble for answers. Instead of being wholly confident in his decision that he was the one ending things, your boyfriend now has to consider that suddenly, you are actually rejecting him.

In retrospect, THIS should've been your opening move.

Walking calmly, easily, and almost happily away from the relationship is one of the best ways to win your boyfriend back. By giving off the vibe that you're totally okay with the break up, you're actually shattering your his confidence in wanting to end things. All of a sudden he has to re-examine the situation and re-think everything that caused him to want to break up with you.

What Should You Do If The Breakup Already Happened?

Onto the bigger question: what if you missed your shot? What happens if your boyfriend ended things days or weeks ago, and you didn't make a clean break?

The good news is this: it's never too late to start agreeing with the break up. Even if you've fought it tooth and nail - even if you've tried desperately to get your ex to take you back - there are ways of undoing that damage and putting yourself back on track.

Your first move for reversing the breakup is simple, and it can be found here. Once you've accomplished this easy little task, you've already set the wheels of reconciliation in motion.

Ex Back Opening Move

Remaining outwardly unphased by the breakup is a technique that always works. You need to be cool, collected, and totally detached. By shrugging your shoulders and waving goodbye, you're creating an atmosphere in which your ex boyfriend will be totally confused. Why? Because this is the exact opposite of everything he expected from you.

When you're willing to walk away without a fight, your boyfriend is going to beat himself up trying to figure out what was wrong with things on your end of the relationship. He'll also want to know just how long you've been feeling this way. Hell, he may even outright ask you. At which point you shrug your shoulders vaguely and say "I don't know... I guess things just haven't been right."

The Balance of Power - Taking Control of Your Relationship

In any romance, there's a certain balance of power. Unless you've got the perfect 50/50 balance, one person will generally be more attached than the other. At the moment your boyfriend dumps you, he seizes all of the power of your relationship. By being the person who ends it, he leaves you with nothing.

Winning your man back is all about taking back some of that power. It shouldn't be a struggle for supremacy and it shouldn't involve fighting, but won't be able to reverse your breakup until you win back some of the control you've lost.

By acting as if the break up doesn't bother you, you're doing just that. You're letting your ex know that his actions aren't wholly his own: on some other level, you're pre-emptively breaking up with him, too. This allows you to maintain control over what happens next, and that's an important part of getting back together again.

Getting Your Ex To Start Thinking Differently About You

Once you've shed any desperation and neediness, your ex boyfriend will begin viewing you differently. He'll see you as motivated and independent, and he'll begin respecting you once more. This is a great start, but to win him back you'll need to turn his current mindset around. Right now he sees you as an ex girlfriend, but you need him to view you as a potential relationship again.

Getting him to think that way is all about making your boyfriend want you again. Some of the best methods and techniques for doing that are taught by relationship guru Matt Huston. Check out his free audio clip on how to get started making your ex need and want you again.

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