Should You Call an Ex Boyfriend on His Birthday?

Did you break up before your ex boyfriend's birthday? Are you thinking of calling him? Learn whether or not this is a good idea, and how you can use a happy birthday phone call to springboard yourself back into your ex's life again.

Call Ex on His Birthday

Breaking up... it's so full of unwritten rules. When your ex boyfriend's birthday suddenly rolls around in light of a recent breakup, should you just ignore it? Or is it cool to call him up, and tell him that you were thinking about him on his day?

Wondering if you should call your ex boyfriend on his birthday is always a tough decision. Depending upon when you broke up (and how badly the breakup went), there are red lights and green lights telling you it's okay to proceed.

For example, if you recently broke up (or broke up in anger and bitter fighting), you'll need to first give your ex some time alone. The breakup needs a cooling off period, and you both need some time to decompress, miss, and appreciate each other again. This gives you the best chance for a positive connection, when you do get back in touch with your ex.

Calling To Wish Your Ex a Happy Birthday - Yes or No?

It's not unreasonable to make a happy birthday phone call to an ex you recently broke up with... provided you do it correctly. If you've been dying to get back together with your ex, or still want him back, there are a number of steadfast rules you need to follow when making such a call.

First, make sure you wish your ex happy birthday over the phone. Don't send your ex boyfriend a text message, because not only can he easily ignore it (leaving you wondering if he even got it in the first place), but because texting him after the breakup is outright cowardly. The same goes for sending him an email, or a greeting card in the mail. Yes, these are legitimate ways of getting back in contact with an ex boyfriend who broke up with you, but they fall woefully short on his birthday.

What You Should Say When You Call Your Ex Boyfriend

Okay, so you've decided to call him and wish him a happy birthday. With that decision made, you'll need to avoid the many pitfalls of first contact with an ex who dumped you. At the same time, you'll want to give off positive, confident vibes that show your ex that you're doing totally fine without him. Start with something like:

"Hey, how are you? Listen, I just noticed what day it was and I couldn't help but at least call to wish you a happy birthday. After all we've been through, it didn't seem right to just ignore it."

You're being sweet, honest, and genuine here. You're not making excuses for calling your ex, and you're not trying to cover anything up. Your exboyfriend will appreciate that you're calling him on his birthday, if you do it in such an unassuming manner.

At this point, there will be inevitable small talk. Ask your ex how things are, how work has been, and whether or not his family is well. These three things are innocent, and you're not prying into his post-breakup social life or trying to talk about your relationship. Don't talk too long though, because your goal is to make this phone call as quick as possible.

You'll wan to stay on the phone only for a minute or two, which is just long enough to put yourself back in his head. As tempting as it might be to continue to talk to him, you'll do best if you cut the call short on your end. By saving the rest of the conversation for another time, you're increasing the chances that your ex will want to speak to you more, and even call you back:

"Listen, I've really gotta run. Just wanted to say I hope you have an awesome birthday, and I'll talk to you later."

By initiating the end of the phone call, your ex will wonder exactly what it is you're running off to do. Up until now, he's assumed you'd do anything to get him back. And now here you are, finally on the phone with him... and you're cutting the call short.

This is an awesome tactic to get your ex boyfriend curious about you again. If he hasn't thought much about you since the break, you're now back in his train of thought. You didn't discuss the breakup, you didn't try to see or even talk to him about anything... your ex is actually going to be confused by this, and in a very good way.

Other Methods For Continued Contact With Your Ex

The happy birthday phone call is a great way to plant the seed of your past relationship back in your ex boyfriend's head. But to get him back? For that, you'll need a step by step plan.

Instead of wondering "should I call my ex boyfriend on his birthday?", you should be looking for ways to get him to call YOU. Because once you can get your ex to start chasing you, getting back together with him is just right around the corner.

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